Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The World's Most Beautiful 10 Laptop

There are so many attractive smartphones in markets.Sometimes we ask ourselves why the Laptops are not so attractive as the smartphones? So, those days are over now. See world's 10 most attractive laptop in markets.
Asus Zenbook
Asus Zenbook

1. Asus Zenbook

It's brushed-metal body is amazing to watch. The laptops look beautiful because of it's brushed round finish.
The World's Most Beautiful 10 Laptop

2. Dell XPS13 and XPS15 

It's a bit oldy but very beautiful. It looks bass and professional. Border are hardly found in both the model. Carbon fiber texture on the keyboard is very beautiful.

The World's Most Beautiful 10 Laptop
Razer blade stealth
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3. Razer Blade Stealth

Anyone going to see this laptop will  surely go blind by it's beauty. Usually it is made for gamers. It has a powerful specification. It makes dreamy neon light. Other gaming laptops are quite healthy. But will be filled up if you look at it's slim and sleek designs . This Gaming laptop is so thin because it does not have the graphics card. Games can be played separately by connecting with the GPU

The World's Most Beautiful 10 Laptop
LG Gram

4. LG Gram

This laptop is more beautiful than the appearance of the MacBook Air. There is a little border around the screen. The machine seems to be very modern.
The World's Most Beautiful 10 Laptop
Macbook Pro

5. MacBook Pro 

The beautiful black glass of this product is really beautiful. Body of thin metallic and black glass design has made this laptop a great piece.

6. Samsung Ativ Book 9 Pro

Side design of this laptop is unrivaled. Laptop is quite thin. Curved designs on both sides of the cornice.
The World's Most Beautiful 10 Laptop
Acer Aspire S7

7. Acer Aspire S7

One years of age. The outside part of the laptop has been designed by glass. Usually such designs can not be seen on a laptop. White laptop unravishingly beautiful.
The World's Most Beautiful 10 Laptop
Lenovo Yoga Pro 900

8. Lenovo Yoga Pro 900

The screen can be rotated to and fro. The metal has been used to rotate the hinge looks like gems. Hinge rotate the screen 360 degrees angle. The metallic orange color looks beautiful.
The World's Most Beautiful 10 Laptop
HP Spectra

9. HP Spectra

Hinge seems to be the gold bars. Whole body tan looks wonderful. A laptop seems to be luxurious.
The World's Most Beautiful 10 Laptop
Microsoft Surface Book

10. Microsoft Surface book

Technically surface book is not a laptop. The screen can be separated like lot of the tabs.However, it is a hybrid laptop and tab. Magnesium gray finish has a unique appearance. Looks very modern.



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